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Reverse Osmosis
● Micro-processor controller with LCD panel ● Little space required ● Built-in or external permeate tank as well as pressure booster pump available as option ● With the new AVRO technology, pre-treatment is superfluous ● High permeate recovery
● Supply of complete, pre-assembled system configurations ● System rack made of anodised aluminium profile to receive the individual system components ● Adjustable feet to compensate for uneven floors ● Complete piping and wiring between the system components
● Speed-controlled immersion HP pump in stainless steel pressure shell ● Constant operating pressure, even in case of fluctuating raw water pressure ● No water hammer thanks to smooth start-up and run-down of the system ● Flow measurement by means of sensors ● Bus-compatible micro-processor controller with LCD process visualisation
● Continuous operation without any periods of standstill during regeneration ● Chemical-free regeneration ● Continuously high quality of the ultra-pure water ● Digital registration and visualisa - tion of feed water, product water and concentrate quality ● Little space required thanks to the compact design of all components