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Product Category

Vibration Absorber

Special Features of Product
■ Install the Spring Damper System in any important area that contains rotary machines and accuracy equipments to effectively prevent transmission of noise, vibration or impact.

■ Damping oil filled in the inside will touch the piston to generate a damping force and into the thermal energy, and cyclic reduction of the exciting force will be reduced by the spring.

Product Features
• More than 60% of high vibration.
• Increased service life of plumbing fixtures.
• Over 50% of the purchase price for the product is saved due to localization.
• Securing stability of equipment by resolving high vibration.
• Reduction of piping vibration.

Product Features
• Natural frequency is in the range of 5~7Hz, so it controls high-frequency and low-frequency vibration effectively.
• The rubber mounts to reduce vibration and shock at the same time.
• At the time of shock loads, impact energy reduces due to large deformation.
• 3 axial rigidity ensures the safety of horizontal direction.
• Easy application with industrial equipment dust-proof.
Product Features
• High range of additional load.
• Auxiliary tank and orifice are installed to have better attenuation characteristics.
• It has no surging symptoms, and is excellent in high-frequency vibration isolation.
• Actuators can be used as the air cylinder. Natural frequency: 0.7 ~ 5.0Hz
Product Composition
① External Adjustment Bolt
② Lock Nut
③ Housing
④ Neoprene
• spheroidal graphite cast iron housing,
• anti-vibration rubber
• rolled steel bolt, nut and washer for general structure.
Product Detail Information :
This pads are molded in NATURAL RUBBER for maximum resilience and vibration isolation, STANDARD NEOPRENE for longer life and moderate oil resistance and BRIDGE-BEARING NEOPRENE for maximum life,
SPECIFICATION The minimum static deflection of Double Deflection Neoprene Mountings is 0.3”(8mm). As one piece molded neoprene with encapsulated metal inserts., it provides corrosion protection and friction pads both top and bottom so they need not be bolted to the floor. Bolt hales if required shall be provided for these areas. Type UNM
Horizontal thrust restraints shall protect air handlers against excessive displacement resulting from high air thrusts comparing with the equipment weight. This restraints consist of a spring element in series with a neoprene pad as described in specification with the same deflection as of the spring isolators and isolation hangers as specified.
Product Detail Information :
Vibration control industries barely developed a complete range of 0.2”(5mm) single deflection hangers by Mid 1960‟s. They have the same frequency range as fiberglass and very competitive but still their performance is so limited that the vibration control industries do not wiling to manufacturer them even though they still do something.
Product Detail Information :
UNSH hangers are recommended for use near critically quiet areas for isolating any suspended source of both audible and inaudible noise and vibration. Suspended mechanical equipment such as in-line fans, cabinet fans, and piping and ductwork in close proximity to mechanical equipment are typical uses of Model UNSH hangers